Black Phoenix Athletics

Lifestyle Change Program

Hi, Coach Les here. I'm the guy up on the right.To the right is also a picture of me, in 2009 long before I started this program. Ah yes, the Black Phoenix Athletics Lifestyle Change Program. What a mouthful, lol, but the meaning is very deep and near to my heart. I'm a normal person who has been battling my weight and fitness since I left high school in 1993. I was very athletic all through my life until my first child was born. For ten years I was husband, dad, and working stiff. Then I got bored with sitting around. I had ballooned to 275 pounds and was miserable. I did a wide range of activities (fasting, extreme diets, insane exercise programs, Tae Kwon Do, etc.) to get me down to 255. But I could never get past that weight. I started, managed, and played on an Over 30 Mens soccer team for about four years until I tore my meniscus playing in December of 2012. Once I opted out of surgery, and got past the devastation of not being able to play ball anymore, I became bored again. I started to look into ways of staying fit even with my injury. I joined a gym in January of 2013 and wanted to look like the people on the brochure. Alas, I didn't have the time. Or so I thought. After a few months I decided that there had to be a way to become athletic again and to look and feel great with minimal free time. In April of 2013 Black Phoenix Athletics was founded by me. The meaning of the name Black Phoenix is a metaphor for the rebirth of a person. The color black is an absorption of all light and energy. The Phoenix has always represented a rebirth from the ashes of the old. Put those two words together and the person who joins my program becomes reborn from the ashes of their old self absorbing all energy and information provided. Originally the program was for athletic activities only (getting back into soccer, mud runs, etc.), but I quickly realized that anyone can benefit from my program. It has been a long road to this point, with two focus groups who both showed solid positive results. I have gained knowledge through personal training classes and life experiences that sets my type of training apart from the rest. Below is a description of each part of the program and what I have to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to add you as a Black Phoenix Athlete.



My program is designed to give a person a full body, inside and outside, mental, and spiritual (non-religious) workout. Today, many workouts are too complicated, costly, and impersonal. Once you join, I provide seven days of a lifestyle that includes workouts and other things aimed at relieving your mind as well. The body is connected at all points internally through muscle bone and tendons. The mind controls it. The spirit (energy) controls the mind. What you eat fuels and impacts the body. You will have contact with me, Coach Les, virtually any time (EST), and I will help and guide you through your rebirth from the ashes of the old you.


            MUD RUN TRAINING


In addition to personal training for life in general, I have a proven method for obstacle course participants as well. I use a specialized way of free weight training and cardio to gain strength, fitness, and self confidence. These proven methods will allow you to complete any course you choose to compete within. Below is a picture of me participating in a Spartan Run AROO!

            GROUP TRAINING


Not everyone has the drive or self motivation to do my program. As a matter of fact, even with a trainer physically there, the need for personal drive is major when it comes to fitness. Because of this Coach Les has developed a method that will allow partners and small groups to work out together. This method allows people to work together and motivate each other. Please ask about group discounts.