To create a healthy and fit society one person at a time

Mission Statement



The style of personal training provided by the program is second to none. For a low cost, Coach Les wil train you online, locally (if possible), email, text message, over the phone, virtually any time of the day. The training includes workouts catered to your fitness level accompanied by proven methds to improve your mental and emotional health as well.

           MUSCLE TONE


The program specializes in full body workouts. The main philosophy behind the style of training is that the entire body is connected. Focusing on one part only will only cause injuries. If everything is trained evenly, the person will look and feel better.

           CORE STRENGTH


The abdominal region of the body is a tough area for anyone to sculpt. Patience and reassurance that the muscle that is under the fat will show once the entire program is followed for 6 months. Looking ripped doesnt happen overnight. It takes hard work and a commitment to yourself. Are you ready to become a Black Phoenix Athlete?



Coach Les can custom create workouts for two or more people at the same time. He can make them in a way that the people can work together to complete the execises. At this time a maximum of four people in a group is what he can handle. In addition, a group rate will apply for two or more people signed up.

           MUD RUN FITNESS

Along with trainin people for health and fitness, the Black Phoenix Athletics Lifestyle Change Program can also prepare a person for extreme obstacle courses. Coach Les uses a combination of free weight and cardio for optimal efficiency